Monday, August 22, 2011

Religion, Money and Politics

The three things you're not supposed to talk about. Oddly enough these are three of the most interesting things to talk about. Before I went to the UofC I didn't talk much about any of them. At the UofC I definitely learned to talk a lot about religion and politics. In general I think I'm pretty open minded, part of me even sympathizes with Kierkaard's leap of faith argument:

To paraphrase Voltaire, I may not agree with your opinion but I'll defend to the death your right to express it. As long as we agree on that point there is always something I can learn from others' beliefs and opinions. But money is the last of the three that I'm still not entirely comfortable talking about. In this article Daniel Indiviglio argues that public salaries would make workers better off. I've heard others make similar arguments before and in part I agree with them. However his lack of empirical evidence makes me a little skeptical - what if public salaries just made everyone envious and consequently less productive? On the other hand this might be a solution to the massive discrepancies in salary between workers and senior management.

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