Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5 years ago there was no iPhone

There have been a few inventions that have really revolutionized my life (so far), smartphones are one of them. I've only had one for a little over a year but its completely changed the way I manage my life. A lot of people don't realize (me included) how quickly technology is advancing and how the rate at which its advancing is also speeding up. Inventions like this one just blow my mind (thanks sis):


On a related note Kevin and I had a discussion this morning about where the next bubble will be. I'm pretty sure it'll be in biotech. In Western countries most people have all of their basic needs met and there's a limit to how much stuff we want to consume. So where is all that extra income going to end up? My hypothesis is that we will be looking for ways to extend our lives and improve our health. Thus I believe we're most likely to see a positive "black swan" in biotech. I'm also using this logic to justify my recent investment in XBI.

P.S. I googled black swan and this is what came up - couldn't resist.