Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outside Lands

Wow, great festival! Three incredible days of music and wine in one of the most scenic parks I've ever visited.

Friday: MGMT was solid. Big Boi never actually played - instead we got 15 mins of Dave Chapelle standup. The Shins sounded great, it was their first show in almost four years. They've coming out with a new album and hopefully will be touring again soon.

Saturday: The Black Keys were the best surprise of the festival for me, I always liked their studio stuff but they were even better live - plus the crowd was really into it. Muse closed the night with an impressive show. I've only recently become a Muse fan but I will definitely be seeing them the next time they're in Chicago.

Sunday: Major Lazer was ridiculous as usual and the Decemberists were fun. Of course this day was all about Arcade Fire and they did not disappoint. Just before the encore they sang a few lines from "All My Friends", I was melting - it was just a perfect moment. Though I was probably one of few people in the audience who recognized it.

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