Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LCD Soundsystem is playing at my house

Since I heard 5 LCD Soundsystem songs at Blokes & Birds last Friday they've been stuck in my head. Its like coming home for dinner and discovering I only have fudge brownies. Awesome.

All My Friends
You spent the first five years trying to get with the plan,
and the next five years trying to be with your friends again.

You're talking 45 turns just as fast as you can,
yeah, I know it gets tired, but it's better when we pretend.

It comes apart,
the way it does in bad films.
Except in parts,
when the moral kicks in.
I Can Change
And love is a murderer, love is a murderer
But if she calls you tonight
Everything is all right
Yeah, we know
And love is a curse shoved in a hearse
Love is an open book to a verse of your bad poetry
And this is coming from me

But I can change, I can change, I can change, I can change
I can change, I can change, I can change
If it helps you fall in love
Yeah (Crass Version)
Everybody keeps on talking about it... nobody's getting it done
I'm tired, tired, tired now of listening, listening... knowing that the ship's gotta run

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