Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freshmen year of college / Why I decided not to be a philosophy major

Great but brutally complicated summary of Hume's and Kant's views on causality. I remember when I used to eat this stuff up. It wasn't until my several failed attempts to read Phenomenology of Spirit that I gave up on being a philosophy major.

In conclusion:
Hume was correct, therefore, that the principle of the uniformity of nature governs all of our inductive causal inferences; and he was also correct that this principle is not and cannot be analytic a priori. What Hume did not see, from Kant's point of view, is that the merely comparative universality of inductive generalization can indeed be overcome by transforming initially merely subjective “empirical rules” into truly objective and necessary “universal laws” in accordance with synthetic but still a priori principles of the unity of nature in general.
...well duh! So yeah, economics was a good call.

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