Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quitting drinking for January

I don't have anything against drinking, I'm just getting sick of it. Plus its starting to feel like a crutch, if I'm bored and don't have plans one night I'll meet up with friends for drinks. I usually have a good time but I do it because its easy - I'm not really thinking about what I want to be doing. Mostly I want to make sure I'm living my own life with my own expectations and not someone else's. In all likelihood come February I will start drinking again but I'm hoping to gain some perspective on life as a result of quitting. Plus I'll save a lot of money that I'd otherwise spend at bars.

As I'm telling friends about this plan I've encountered a lot of different reactions - and as a result gained interesting perspectives on a lot of people. I've heard everything from "no way you can last!" and "why the hell would you do that?" to "I support your decision" and "I'll join you."

In future months I plan on making similarly radical life changes, either doing something I don't normally do or abstaining from something I normally do. In a way I'm doing 12 mini new years resolutions - should be a good year.

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