Friday, December 2, 2011

Defense Authorization Bill Part 2

What do warrants, due process, trials by jury and inalienable rights have in common? They're soooo 1789 and apparently the Senate thinks they need to go.

I don't doubt that the Senators who voted for this bill have good intentions, they want to make it easier for our military to protect our country from a widespread enemy. But our current Congress has proven repeatedly that they are incredibly short-sighted. Do they really think we'll never have a government that might try to abuse this power? Jon Corzine (former Senator) might soon be going to jail for a billion dollar fraud at MF Global. Rod Blagojevich (former Governor) will hopefully be going to jail soon for trying to sell Obama's Senate seat. And since most presidents are former Senators or Governors I don't want to give these guys such unchecked power. My only hope now is that the Supreme Court strikes this down and makes it clear to everyone in Congress - unless you amend the constitution the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments still apply to all Americans.

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