Monday, January 7, 2013

Too Many Options

8 years ago Barry Schwartz wrote a book titled, The Paradox of Choice. The premise of the book being that when we have too many options to choose from we end up spending way too much time weighing our options and ultimately less satisfied with our choice. A recent article in the atlantic takes this same premise and applies it to dating. With online dating there are so many options you can spend forever looking for that perfect person. And even if you find somebody great along the way the prospect of meeting someone new, someone better is too alluring for some. Consequently commitment and happiness with that commitment becomes weaker. I'm not as pessimistic about the future of human relationships as the author is but I can empathize with Jacob. Its not easy and commitment is always scary. However last Friday I was out to dinner with Liz and she said something very wise. It was along the lines of "listen, no one is perfect so don't beat yourself up over it." Being with someone less than perfect has a cost but so does not being with someone at all. Overall a very thought provoking read.

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