Thursday, January 19, 2012

War and Piece

Two weeks ago I saw the end of a fight outside of Piece in Wicker Park. As far as I could tell the fight was about nothing, it wasn't because of an insult, a girl or a robbery - just three drunk guys who decide its time to throw punches. One guy ends up knocked out in the middle of the street, a second guy gets knocked out lands face first into the pavement and the third guy runs for it. They bring ambulances, at least 5 cop cars and get statements from a few people who were outside smoking when this all happened. It was hard to tell whether these guys couldn't get up because of the fight or because they were drunk - either way it has certainly reinforced my month of not drinking.

The whole incident is still bugging me. Its one aspect of human nature that I've never really understood - this random desire for destruction. I wonder how many wars have been started this way - a few guys get bored and decide to make trouble? I understand the desire to fight for something but just for the sake of fighting? Maybe I just need to watch Fight Club again.

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