Friday, September 7, 2012

Living on $250 a day

Article in the NYT about long term health care and what will happen to it under the Romney-Ryan budget.

I don't understand how people can expect Medicare or Medicaid to pay for this - living at $250 a day is a pretty lavish lifestyle. Before taxes you've got to be earning close to $150k to live that kind of life. Now I get it, those who need long term care are typically in pretty bad shape - if you can't bathe or feed yourself life kind of sucks. So if people or their families want to pay $250 a day themselves for this type of care then they should be free to do so. I only take issue with the fact that with regards to health care the government is handing out Porsches when Hondas will do. I hate to say it but the Republican idea makes some sense here - cut spending by a third. If the cost were $80 per day that's almost exactly in line with the lifestyle of an average American - $250 per day will bankrupt future generations. To me that sounds like a very reasonable and very fair compromise between the old and the young (and especially the unborn).

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