Saturday, July 7, 2012

No posts in 10 days

There's a big backlog of posts that I haven't had time to write, I'm hoping to catch up a bit this weekend. Between 4 days in new york, apartment searching and clients who actually want me to do work time has been at a premium of late. This month is certainly going to be a transition in many ways. I'm coming up on 5 years at my job - from what I hear it's an important one. Hopefully this will be a transition to higher level role, i.e. creating work for other people and higher level advisory work. Personally there will be a lot of transitions as well, much of my social circle over the past few years is moving away. Although all the going away parties are a lot fun they leave a void that lasts longer than the hangover. August will certainly be a rebuilding month, but I do look forward to making new friendships and expanding existing ones. I find it remarkable both how easy and how difficult it is to form new friendships. With the right person it is very easy and very natural, the difficult part is finding those right people. I imagine by winter my day-to-day life will be quite different than it is now - not necessarily better or worse but different. For the most part I think I've become pretty good at accepting uncertainty without worrying too much about it. Its not easy since people are hard-wired to hate uncertainty but there is some comfort in not knowing what the future holds - without surprises life would get pretty boring.

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